Google Universal Analytics Beta Opens To All

Today, Google has announced that Google Universal Analytics opens to all Google Analytics customers. 

Universal Analytics, which uses a different collection method and hence involves the setup of a new code snippet on the businesses’ sites, focuses on giving online businesses a better understanding of how their customers interact with their sites across multiple devices. This new JavaScript code snippet, Google notes, is more flexible than the old one and gives users more options to customize their data. Businesses will also have to set up a new web property in their Analytics accounts to get started with using Universal Analytics.

The new tools offered by Universal Analytics via the new Measurement Protocol (an API that enables you to send your data to Google Analytics) can help you measure the how people actually become and remain loyal customers,” Google said at the time.

Google Analytics will soon include Change History, a log of account changes

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View the history of account changes

The Change History is available only to users who can perform administrative tasks.

Analytics now includes Change History, a list of user activities in Analytics so you have a record of who did what when. For example, on Monday, January 7, at 14:28:25 PDT 2012, created the new profile User A’s Profile.

There is a new Change History tab at the account level, alongside the Data Sources and Account Settings tabs.
The Change History lists:
  • Date column: The date and time of the activity
  • Email column: Which Analytics user performed the activity
  • Activity column: The Analytics object (e.g., account, user, profile, goal, filter), and what activity was performed on the object (e.g., added to account, created, deleted)
using this information you can investigate things like who added filters to my default profile, when were those new users added to the account, or who deleted the regex include filter I spent all week writing? Rather than wonder if something just mysteriously changed or disappeared, you can open Change History to see exactly what happened when, and who was responsible.
Change History maintains a record of activities for the last 180 days.

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Linkedin has Revamped Personal Profile Page

LinkedIn has revamped personal profile page.

The new-look page is more streamlined, providing a different experience when viewing people’s profiles by focusing on activities and connections.

Get the new profile sample page here -

Google Releases Panda Update Panda #21 on November 5, 2012

Google rolled out their 21st Panda update, roughly 5-1/2 weeks after Panda #20. This update was reported to be smaller, officially impacting 1.1% of English queries.

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Analyze Panda Update effect on your Site, check how Google's algorithm updates have impacted your traffic.

Microsoft’s new logo for first time in 25 YEARS

Microsoft has just unveiled a new look and feel to its corporate logo. Following 25 years from its first introduction, this is the first major Microsoft logo change in the company's history.

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