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Need Instant traffic? Use StumbleUpon to Get the Instant Traffic on Your Site

As many of them doesn’t receive much traffic on site or blog specially on new blog/site, recently I’ve done much R&D to get the instant traffic for my client site which is related to Legal, actually in Legal sector some of the verticals doesn’t have much scope to promote and get the free traffic specially organic, so towards this we’ve to depend on the referral traffic. However, finally I've tried with StumbleUpon and succeed. 

Today I’ll explain you the method which I’ve used to get the instant traffic using StumbleUpon.
First, Signup at StumbleUpon and complete the profile via filling complete details, after completing profile select your area of interest which actually you’ve or related to the site or blog.

Now StumbleUpon have many ways to submit the post, like using directly submit button on the site or by installing StumbleBar for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and InternetExplorer, as well as StumbleUpon mobile applications for Android and iOS. Visit Download Page for more information, for me StumbleBar & Android application are good to start.
Here I’ll explain which I’ve used to get the instant traffic.

Let's start the postings, but keep in mind that always don’t post your own links, first start with like, Stumble, follow with other posts and stumblers to get the good number of followers and likes.

Now it's time to verify the visits from Stumbleupon, open Google Analytics and check Real Time Traffic Sources, definitely you will see the views, in a single post you can see around 3-4 views, the traffic could be mix of referral, organic and direct sources and location would be USA. See the below screenshot.

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