Yatra.com’s offline site impacts Rs. 20 – 30 crore in sales

Salman Khan’s stake company Yatra.com has forgotten to renew the domain registration. The domain name had been registered on August 9, 2000, and expired on August 9, 2013. Now it’s still showing offline for most of the ISP’s, Yatra.com official Facebook page claims that now they are back on reliance network and working on for other ISPs, according to travel industry expert Yatra.com shutdown could have cost to the company between  Rs. 20 – 30 crore in sales. It’s total failure of technical team who ignored the email alert for same.  
Initially I couldn’t believe it that Yatra.com has forgotten to renew the domain. It seemed that someone is behind the whole story that to create a nuisance to get free publicity as breaking news in Industry. Even now everyone is talking about same Including on social media sites also. Now it’s breaking news for industry. It was a good strategy to be in News but Now (12-Aug-2013, 11:30 PM, IST) Yatra.com is still offline. It’s total failure of technical team.

It was really unexpected as Yatra.com is a big Travel brand in India.
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